Henri Matisse in 20 dates

1869: Henri Matisse is born on 31 December at Cateau-Cambrésis, in the Nord department.

1887: Matisse begins studying law in Paris.

1891: Matisse gives up law to devote himself to painting.

1892: Gustave Moreau, a painter member of the Académie des beaux-arts, admits Matisse to his studio.

1904: Matisse spends the summer in Saint-Tropez.

1905: in April, Matisse exhibits Luxury, Calm and Pleasure at the Salon des indépendants; at the Salon d’automne, his Woman in Hat is noticed and makes him the leader of the “Fauves”.

1910: Matisse exhibits Dance and Music at the Salon d’automne. These works were commissioned from him by the Russian collector Stschoukine.

1912: Matisse discovers the light of Morocco.

1913: Matisse exhibits at the Armory Show in New York then in Chicago.

1917: in December, Matisse moves to Nice, to the Hôtel Beau-Rivage.

1921: from then on Matisse spends nearly half the year in Nice.

1930: in search of “another light” and “another space”, Matisse undertakes a journey to Tahiti.

1931-1933: Matisse produces La Danse for Alfred Barnes.

1934-1935: Lydia Delectorskaya becomes his model then his assistant.

1941: suffering from cancer, Matisse is hospitalised in Lyon; before his operation, he begs his doctors: “Give me the three or four years I need to finish my work”. Fate was to grant him a reprieve of thirteen years.

1945: Matisse worked on the retrospective which the Salon d’automne devoted to him.

1946: Hélène Adant begins a photographic report on Matisse, which she continued until the artist’s death; Matisse’s first exhibition in Nice.

1948: Matisse retrospective in Philadelphia; Matisse throws himself into the creation of the Dominican Chapel of the Rosary in Vence, which is inaugurated in 1951.

1952: after finishing The Sorrows of the King, Matisse produces the series of Blue Nudes then works on his monumental compositions in paper cut-outs including La Piscine.

1954: Matisse dies in Nice on 3 November; he is buried in Cimiez cemetery.

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